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A Safe Space for Meaningful Change

Counseling for Adults in Michigan

who feel misunderstood

and invalidated in their lives.

Serving clients virtually throughout

Michigan, office based in Royal Oak, MI.

Do you feel like stress has taken over your life? 

Do you feel like you misplaced your true self somewhere 
along the way? 

Together we will work through your feelings of overwhelm to help you gain insight,

cultivate strength and develop coping skills to provide you with the tools to manage difficult emotions, interpersonal relationships, and life transitions. 


My own journey, interlaced with personal encounters of depression, anxiety, trauma, and the transformative power of therapy, has deepened my understanding and compassion. This compassion extends especially to those of you identifying as empaths or highly sensitive individuals, grappling with the complexities of depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, low-self-esteem, body image issues, and challenging relationships.

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Melissa E. Mendoza, LMSW

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I value

connection - authenticity -  honesty 


My therapeutic approach is humanistic, strengths-based, and intuitive wherein I utilize compassion and humor as well as evidenced based modalities to help you reach your goals. 


Through my research and experience, I've come to understand that the heart of effective counseling lies in the strength of the relationship I build with my clients. That's why I always prioritize establishing and maintaining a positive, supportive connection with each client. I firmly believe this strong bond is paramount to achieving the best outcomes in our therapy journey together.​

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You don't have to continue to feel hopeless.

I can help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself  and help you to heal

so you can start to thrive in the areas of your life that you feel are


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"Empowering Your Journey 

Nurturing Your Strengths" 

 Major Insurances Accepted

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