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Ready for Change?

Ready for Change? ! 

Ready for Change? 

Ready for Change? 

Happiness starts with healing. Let's talk! 
Talk Therapy for Metro Detroit & Surrounding MI Cities INSURANCES ACCEPED   

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Ways We Help

Meaningful Counseling. Empowering Individuals to Live Their Best Life!


Individual Counseling

Empowering Clients

We believe clients are the experts on themselves.  Our job is to help clients to heal from Depression; Anxiety; Trauma ect. which fogs our minds while concurrently equipping clients with adaptive ways to cope to replace mal-adaptive coping.  During the healing journey clients can better hear their own inner voice which is their intuition wherein clients can start to live life accordingly to their own desires and aspirations to reach their OWN goals.  Our goal is to help each client to heal so they can become the best version of themselves!


Compassion Focused Therapy

Utilizing a Humanistic Approach

Compassion Focused Therapy is used to help those whom have experienced abuse or lack of affection from their families of origin wherein one has learned more of how to harm themselves than how to help themselves.  Those that carry shame and guilt often lead to negative self-talk / negative core beliefs i.e. "I'm not good enough" as well as mal-adaptive coping.  CFT sets the foundation to introduce positive self-talk.  By learning and experiencing compassion one learns to have compassion for themselves and others leading to an improved quality of life for themselves and healthier relationships with others.



One Session at a Time

We are dedicated to focusing on our clients strengths to help clients overcome their areas of need. Often times clients cover their gifts because they were taught not to "brag" or "boast" but at PPP we believe our clients should employ their strengths and gifts to improve their sense of self.  Living in our authenticity is where one will find the most happiness.  It is the Petri dish where the strongest sense of self is born.

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Home: Welcome

Melissa E. Mendoza, LMSW / Founder

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Home: Meet the Team

About Me
Hi! I'm an empath with a passion for helping people!
Are you in a painful point in your life and feel like no one understands you? You may feel alone, misunderstood, and unsupported. Do you crave a non-judgmental, safe space to vent? Are you ready to discover parts of yourself that hold you back from what you want in life? Alternatively, are you in a tumultuous relationship with someone you care about, but need help navigating? Let's talk.


My therapeutic approach is humanistic, strengths-based, and intuitive wherein I utilize compassion and humor as well as evidenced based modalities to help you reach YOUR goals.  
Healing is paramount for you to develop a stronger sense of self to believe in yourself and to start living life authentically. "Authenticity" is the happy place for us humans! Ready for Change? Let's talk! 

MSW - Wayne State University
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LMSW-C)

Years of Experience


Providing Young Adults typically 18-35 compassionate and confidential individual counseling utilizing evidenced based methods. My therapeutic approach is humanistic, strengths-based, and intuitive wherein I utilize compassion and humor as well as evidenced based modalities to help you reach your goals.

Our Commitment to Diversity

Strength exists in diversity.  

We are committed to diversity and inclusion across race, ethnicities, nationalities, gender, sexual identity, religious views, atheists, and political perspectives.  Our commitment to inclusion will remain as our practice grows.


Relationship Trauma / Healing from Toxic Relationship

Chronic Sadness 

Adult Children of Toxic Parents
Life After Break-up / Divorce
Partner Problems
Family Problems 
Trauma, PTSD, & Complex PTSD
Adjustment Issues
Current & Past Trauma
Low Self-Esteem
Mal-Adaptive Coping 


Emotional Incest 

 History of Abuse i.e. Physical, Sexual, Emotional, Neglect

People typically seek treatment when  their level of functioning is adversely affected in the following ways / domains:

Difficulty with Regulating Emotions
Social Relationships
Family Living
Work / Life Balance
School / Life Balance

Treatment Modalities

Christian Counseling

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Compassion Focused Therapy

Dialectical Behavioral Therapy



Interpersonal Therapy


Trauma-Focused CBT

Insurances Accepted


Allied Benefit Systems
Blue Cross Blue Shield - PPO

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Federal Employee Program

Blue Cross Blue Shield - Out of State Plans 
Blue Care Network

Evernorth Behavioral Health

Golden Rule


Humana Military

Meritain Health

Out-of-State - Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

Priority Health

Tricare East
United Behavioral Health


*Insurance Opt Out / Self-Pay Rate:  $200.00


We are currently unable to accept Medicaid. Medicaid subscribers should call +1 (800) 231-1127 in order to access their mental health benefits.



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