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"Empowering Your Journey, Nurturing Your Strengths."

Delivering High-Quality Virtual Mental Healthcare to
Metro Detroit & Throughout the State of Michigan

Welcome to Counseling with Melissa at Pink Positive Psychology, also known as Pink Psy, where young adults, specifically Gen-Z and Millennials, find solace, understanding, and healing. Catering specifically to those identifying as empaths or highly sensitive individuals, Melissa understands the unique challenges you face, particularly with depression, anxiety, trauma, PTSD, and relationship difficulties.​ Why Seek Help? Emotional Overload: Do you often find yourself overwhelmed by emotions, where every little thing seems amplified? The modern world can be especially challenging for empaths and the highly sensitive. Feeling Alone: Many empaths describe a profound sense of isolation and disconnection, struggling to relate to others who may not understand their depth of feeling. Traumatic Experiences: Unresolved trauma can cast a long shadow, causing anxiety, depression, and complicating relationships. Relationship Challenges: Your deep sensitivity can sometimes make relationships feel like an emotional rollercoaster, with challenges in setting boundaries and maintaining stability.​ How Melissa Can Help: Exploring Emotions: Dive deep into understanding your feelings, learning to see your empathy as a strength. Trauma Healing: Use proven trauma therapies to process and move past traumatic experiences. Managing Anxiety & Depression: Develop tools and techniques to regulate emotions and reduce anxiety and depressive symptoms. Navigating Relationships: Learn to communicate, set boundaries, and cultivate healthier relationships.​ Serving:  All of Michigan via Telehealth ​Your emotional journey is unique and valuable. You deserve support, understanding, and growth. Let's work together towards a brighter, balanced future.

Comprehensive Treatment Strategy

Offering young adults empathetic and confidential individual counseling grounded in evidence-based techniques. My therapeutic style combines a humanistic and strengths-focused approach, enriched with intuition. I weave in elements of compassion and humor, ensuring a holistic pathway to help you achieve your aspirations.

Reach out to me directly. I genuinely grasp the weight of your emotions and am here to support you. Let's embark on this path of healing hand in hand.

Meet Melissa

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START HERE:  Please fill out An Appt. Request & Insurance Verification Form

Getting Started: Get Involved

PRO TIP:  Take Pictures of Drivers License/ID (front & back) & Health Insurance Card/s (front & back) BEFORE filling out this form. 

Appointment Request & Insurance Verification Form

For all *Prospect Clients and Returning Clients, this 5-7 minute form assists us in understanding your treatment needs, ensuring an optimal client-clinician match. It also captures your scheduling preferences.  Kindly complete and submit this form, and we'll swiftly provide you with a **Benefits Quote** and arrange your Intake Session based on your preferences. 


What's the Next Step? 

You'll receive a Welcome Message with:

To confirm the Intake Appointment, simply reply with "C".

It's that easy to schedule with me!

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Melissa E. Mendoza, LMSW

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*If  not a match we will provide you with referrals. 

**No obligation or cancellation fees if you decide not to proceed with the session based on the provided benefits quote.

***All Forms are Mobile Friendly / Electronic Forms that are HIPPA compliant and ENCRYPTED which means your information

is safe and secure.

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